VanDerLee™ specialize in Photoshop™ plug-ins for the professional market. Photography, special effects, graphic design, pre-press, post-production and clothing/textile design are amongst the market sectors we serve. We are a mean and lean development team, based in the Netherlands.

We focus on...

  • Quality
    Quality must equal or surpass that of similar products in order to compete in the professional market.

  • Flexibility
    Different people use our products in different ways; we provide them the means to get everything out of the product.

  • Ease of use
    Power is useless without a means to control it. We keep everything simple and clean so our clients can get their work done with minimal distraction.

  • Performance
    Having to wait disturbs the creative process, costing even more time. We keep our products lean and mean so our clients can keep going.